Innovation Models

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Paul Hobcraft

Thinking about defining innovation I remembered another one I have used and enjoy. How it came about is lost on me at the moment

"For me innovation is the most important need to enable an organization, public or private, to grow and sustain itself in a rapidly changing world where new challenges and threats occur daily.

We have to be alert, constantly aware, flexible and responsive...but responsive in well thought out ways, operating within a clear strategy and culture that embraces innovation across all its activities.

Human capital is the heart of the value creation process and innovation is its life blood"

Paul Hobcraft

Coming back to the essence of innovation. I like three that I seem to constantly go back to:

"Innovation is about being responsive to life, building the capability to sense, both the danger of staying the way we are and do things, and the opportunities to innovate" by George Por

"Creativity is the concept and innovation is the process" by Dr William E Coyne SVP 3M R&D in an articles I read

and lastly,I'm not sure who it was from or maybe its a mix of someone and a little bit of adding onto it by me but I like it

"Innovation doesn't work until you get people to recognize its the new production need in today's and tomorrow's future. Its the outcomes from the parts of the new value chain- the source of new value creation"

Jennifer Thatcher

I like Roger Firestien's wording, which boils down Jack's post a little further: "Innovation is creativity that is useful."

Jack Hipple

Innovation is the taking of creativity and turning it into something practical and useful for society

Debra M. Amidon

Knowledge Innovation®
Knowledge management has become a well known term. But the real challenge facing most companies is that of faster innovation. Creating the system within which ideas are created and applied is more than management. It is a matter of strategy and leadership. That's where Knowledge Innovation® comes to the fore.

On a webpage - - you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Knowledge Innovation. Accompanying pages cover the context, State-of-the-Art, State-of-the-Practice and State-of-the Future.

What is Knowledge Innovation®?

The creation, evolution, exchange and application of new ideas into marketable goods and services for:

- the success of an enterprise
- the vitality of a nation's economy
- the advancement of society

Knowledge Innovation® embodies the concept that innovation is the one competence needed for the future. It addresses the all the fundamental management dimensions in the process of innovation - the creation and conversion of ideas into viable commercial products in addition to building a foundation for future sustainable growth. It recognizes that knowledge is the core component of innovation - not technology or finances per se. Nurturing and managing the flow of knowledge may be the most distinctive competence of the decade.

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