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Paul Hobcraft

Just adding to my suggested study name

The NOVA Study- the heart of inNOVAtion

Paul Hobcraft

I struggle with all three suggested names- they just don't strike me as creative for such an 'empowered' group:
Global Innovation Group
Worldwide Innovation Commons
Global Innovation Study Team

My contribution may come a little late but "whats in a name you ask? A lot actually.

I was reading some definitions posted recently by Paul Schumann under "Defining Innovation" and the origins of English words and I must admit I like "NOVA"- this refers to "a star that bursts upon the sight" but he goes one step further with Webster's definition in defining NOVA as "A star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades to its original intensity"
We are looking to define innovation and give it its original real intensity I feel

How about The NOVA Study

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