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The innovation as a subject is incomplete without TRIZ. TRIZ is the most powerful methodology for innovation. We should make The International Innovation day coincide with Birthday of G.S.Altshuller the father of TRIZ. It is in October 15 (I think so)

Steffen Konrath

It might be interesting to celebrate an innovation day in the same time frame as the creativity and innovation day (short: CID) is celebrated, which means somewhere between 15-21 of April (Leonardo's birthday --- of course not on all days ;-)). That sort of a joint event would create more power for a somehow similar interest as the usual: 1+1= ? thinking.

Here is the link to the CID group: The group was originally founded by Jacynthe Bedard and Marci Segal, both creative Canadian ladies and it spreads all other the world already.

Jack Hipple

Wouldn't it be great if we could stop re-inventing the wheel? If techniques and inventions used everywhere were available everywhere, whenever we needed them? If just the right idea or person and their thoughts were available "on demand"?

Joyce Wycoff

What if we launched October 1 as International Innovation Day and spread the word to organizations to encourage them to create internal innovation activities ... and also encouraged them to participate in Global Learn Day? Might be a nice synergy.

Debra M. Amidon

This is really a wonderful idea...and you are right, it has not been done quite this way before. And if we think of innovation as "ideas operationalized" - not just creativity - we have an opportunity to have an impact...collectively.

The closest I can recall is the Global Learn Day that our E100 John Hibbs, Be Franklin Institute, has managed for the last 7 years. ENTOVATION network experts have participated in previous years in this 24-hour marathon of 'innovation dialogue' as we called it. Check the story with 7 vignettes from one of the previous years:

The event this year is planned for October 10th - As it is described, Global Learn Day is and "annual 24-hour, non-stop round the world 'voyage' which showcases highly innovative activities in education and internet technology from 24 time zones. In order to build an audience in the millions we involve community radio stations and local television."

We could either dovetail with this event with our own 'innovation' focus...or develop our own. I believe the E100 would have some interest in participating; but this is no small undertaking.

Appreciate the thoughts of others…

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